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Fresh off the hills of Paramin in Trinidad, our Swamp Juice sauces are easy to use and are sure to be enjoyed!

It's your kitchen and you're in charge, so there's no wrong way to use Swamp Juice - want to add some deep flavour from the outset? Marinate your meats in the fridge for 30 minutes or more in some 'Juice, then hit the grill, stove or oven to get the aromas going. Want to add a layer of flavour to your meal in progress? Simply splash some 'Juice on and you're set. Already have a meal that could do with some help? Take a quick dip and you'll find things suddenly look (and taste!) a whole lot better.

Swamp Juice will work with everything and with no artificial flavours, no MSG, and no chemical preservatives, there are no surprises in store - just deep, rich, honest flavour.

And yes, of course you need to keep it in the 'fridge.

The original!

Marinade & Dippin' Sauce

The green goodness of our original Marinade and Dippin' sauce works with pretty much anythin', adding deep flavour and an aroma that words can't fully describe!     Plus,  it's good for you!   

An avalanche of Avocado!

Guasacaca Sauce

Nothing compares to the unique flavour of our Guasacaca Sauce - with the buttery flavour of fresh avocados and just a hint of citrus, garlic and parsley, everyone'll be licking their fingers, even the kids!

Bonus - it's healthy!  Not just safe to eat, but healthy!