Let's Eat!

Just what CAN you do with Swamp Juice©™?

Pretty much anythin' with anythin'!

Use the arrows below to navigate through the many dishes you can get Swamped with ...

Here is the one groundrule: we aren't big on rules!

Swamp Juice©™ works as anything, for anything - shake it up, use it whenever or however you like, on whatever you like!

We're going to save you A LOT of time cutting up those fresh ingredients.  They are already in Swamp Juice©™!

Have a look through some of our recipes below - if something looks interesting just click on it (you'll need to allow popups) and an easy-to-print PDF will open.

Have fun, and remember if you tag us on Instagram you and your own recipe might get featured on our feed, and you may just earn a free bottle or two of 'Juice!