About Us

Welcome to the Swamp Juice©™ line of Sauces – hand crafted in Trinidad using only the freshest ingredients, harvested by hand in the hills of Paramin in Maraval, Trinidad, W.I.

Our original Swamp Juice©™ Marinade & Dippin' sauce was soon followed by our Swamp Juice©™ Guasacaca (Avocado) sauce.  Each one has its own distinctive flavours, but both are good for you and have the same versatility - our sauces can be used as fresh seasoning, marinades, to sauté in, for basting, throw in the pot, as glazes or for just dippin'!

Veggies, meats of every description, pasta, fish, shellfish and salads all benefit from a splash of the Swamp - regardless of what you're cooking, with Swamp Juice©™, everythin' just got a whole lot better!