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Swamp Juice©™ - The Origin

Swamp Juice©™ line of Sauces - created in Trinidad, West Indies in 1994.

When I first developed ‘The Sauce’, which became widely referred to by our customers of the restaurant as the Green Sauce… “Can I have some more of the Green Sauce” or, “Can I have some Green Sauce to take home?”, what struck me was the colour, primordial...the incredible Bayou. Which one would assume has remained the same from almost the origins of time. The aroma is intense, opening your hunger senses…then the taste. What else can I try you with?

Everything! Incredibly versatile, beyond anything that we have experienced with multiple and varied food items. Use it to season, marinate, put it in the pot, sauté, baste, glaze and dip!

Fresh and healthy for the whole family. Zero preservatives. Totally guilt free. Go ahead then, try them with what you wish. Your meals just got better.

Swamp Juice©™. None like it…

Swamp Juice©™   Wholesale  Containers

Two Litre or One  Gallon   

Perfect for Restaurants,  Street Vendors, Caterers,

big trini limes, and ofcourse large families! 

Call us for more information, we'll be happy to

tailor an order to suit your needs.


No need to pull out your chopping board and cut up fresh ingredients. Swamp Juice©™ has it all


No Preservatives, Gluten Free.

Healthy Food = Healthy Family


Great results, whether you're trying your hand at something new or are an expereinced chef!


Use Swamp Juice©™ however you like, with whatever you like! Shake and serve- it's all good!

Swamp Juice is awesome for: